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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 RBC Heritage

Winner: Carl Pettersson

Around the wider world of golf: Louis Oosthuizen traveled for 30 hours to bounce back from his Masters runner-up with a victory at the European Tour's Maybank Malaysian Open; Michael Allen ran away from the field at the Encompass Insurance Pro-Am of Tampa Bay on the Champions Tour; Alex Aragon won the weather-plagued TPC Stonebrae Championship on the Nationwide Tour; and Maiko Wakabayashi won the Nishijin Ladies Classic on the JLPGA. bangkokbobby has the details (and a lot of pictures as well).

A Swede in Scot's clothing

"A fat guy in a little coat." That's how Carl Pettersson described himself after he put on the Heritage Plaid Tartan jacket as winner of the newly-rechristened RBC Heritage. (Lest you think that's not a big deal, I'll have you know that "The Heritage Plaid is accredited by the Council of the Scottish Tartan Society." You can find that -- and other interesting tidbits about the winner's jacket -- at the "get your plaid on" page at the Heritage site.)

Carl's win sets very well with me since he's also a North Carolina boy like myself. Granted, he came here via Sweden, but he's lived here at least half his life. That's good enough for me.

This was his 5th American win, tying him with Jesper Parnevik for Top Winning Swede on the PGA Tour. (I have to qualify that, as there's this woman golfer named Annika with a few more LPGA wins than that. Even Liselotte Neumann, often forgotten in the conversation, has 13 LPGA wins with one major. The Swedish guys need to get to work!) Carl also completed the RBC Slam, as he already holds the 2010 RBC Canadian Open title.

Much was made during the TV broadcasts (both GC and CBS) about Carl's swing being somewhat "homemade" like Bubba's, since neither seems to need a swing guru to keep his swing in shape. I believe that the "old-timers" would simply say that they "own" their swings, as opposed to most of the pros playing these days. That's something of which I think all weekend golfers should take notice. It's not the perfect swings that win tournaments so much as the swings that their owners can use successfully. Remember that, folks.

And Carl is certainly using his successfully, as he's made somewhere around $17mil with it.

Carl took the lead Saturday and ran with it, never giving his pursuers a chance during the final round. When he got in trouble, he just took his medicine and minimized the damage. If he keeps his putter working as well as his other clubs, watch out for him the rest of this year.

So "Grattis, Carl!" (That's "congratulations" in Swedish.) And for turning out such a dominant win, my fellow North Carolinian, I offer you this little Limerick Summary. It's not a Tartan plaid... but then again, size doesn't matter with limericks:
On Saturday, Carl took the lead
And those in the field will concede
He showed he could back it
Up. That tartan jacket
Just goes to prove vict'ry is Swede.
The photo came from the front page at


  1. Now thats Golfing Large!

    Mike, you should write a sequel to 'Golfing Large' with reference to Carl's victory & how he swings it differently from the Average Joes & Pros!



  2. I'll consider that, Ramzi. BTW, how is your golf coming? Is your driver behaving itself? ;-)

  3. My driver still sucks! I have better chance with a 3 wood!

    I've noticed that with a weak grip & arms dominant swing which is upright, I can really hit irons very well, but does not translate well to the driver.

    Well, I'll just for your sequel to 'Golfing Large' then.

  4. Ramzi, do you have a way to make a video of your swing? If you do, video your driver swing from both face-on and down-the-line. (Set the video camera at waist height. That'll make the best video.) Then email me a copy so I can see exactly what's happening.

    If you can't make a video, some photos will do. Lots of cameras will let you shoot a sequence.

    At least your iron play is working well. Driver swings are always a little different from the rest of your game, simply because you try to hit up with a driver but hit down with the rest of the clubs.