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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Scene of the Crime

Valero Texas Open logoYes, Kevin Na is back at the Valero Texas Open. His tee time is listed as 12:40pm -- I don't know if that's Eastern Time or not -- and he'll be playing with Brendan Steele and Bud Cauley, which virtually guarantees him TV time.

As if he wouldn't get it anyway.

Kevin became infamous last year for taking a 16 on the par-4 9th during the first round... and then became a bit of a fan favorite by the way he handled it in the press. On the outside chance you missed it, here's one of the most popular golf videos on YouTube:

It's had over 840,000 hits as I write this post. The sad thing is that Kevin would have shot 68 and been a single stroke off the lead if he could have merely parred the hole. Instead, he missed the cut at +13.

Of course Kevin also got some attention this week because the powers-that-be decided to clear out some of the dead wood around that hole and they invited Kevin back to help -- a small measure of payback. Inside the PGA Tour sent a camera crew along and will do a spot on his return to the scene of the crime next week as part of their tournament wrap-up. (I hope this preview will run. If it doesn't, you can watch it at the Aussie Golfer site.)

Give Kevin credit for a sense of humor.

GC has first-round coverage -- pre-game at 2:30pm ET and live coverage at 3pm ET. Let's all pull for Kevin to shoot a bit better this year. (He does have 4 Top10s and a couple of Top12s coming into this event.)


  1. "You're not being the ball, Danny!" Love it.

  2. Last year it looked a bit too painful to be the ball. Whack, whack, whack... ;-)