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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some Early LPGA Play

I just want to remind you LPGA fans that the LPGA Lotte Championship starts today at 6:30pm ET. Tony Jesselli has a preview over at Mostly Harmless, so I'll just refer you to that link for the main info.

One interesting note: The LPGA scoring site says the broadcast will run from 6:30-11:00pm -- much longer than the 2 hours Tony lists (and which the GC TV schedule lists). Perhaps GC upped the coverage because their LPGA viewing audience is up. It certainly helps when viewers know what channel the broadcasts will be on. Before the LPGA/GC deal, they were too hard to find.

Ah, Hawaii!

The Lotte Championship marks the LPGA's return to Hawaii after 4 years. The "biggest" pairing will be Jessica Korda, Lexi Thompson, and Michelle Wie, listed to go off at 8:55am. Hawaii time is 6 hours behind us East Coast viewers, so that's 2:55pm ET. The latest pairings go off at 1:20pm (7:20pm ET). I don't know if GC will do an early live broadcast to try and capitalize on that -- again, their TV schedule site differs from the LPGA site even on the primetime broadcast.

At any rate, it's a good chance to watch some LPGA coverage without PGA competition. I wonder if this Wednesday-Saturday event is a test case for the LPGA?

The picture is from the LPGA's tournament site.


  1. The Wednesday-Saturday run of the event in Hawai'i is primarily for the LPGA's Asian TV rights holders, where due to the time difference the final two rounds would for them be on Saturday and Sunday morning.


  2. Thanks for the info, Ice. Sometimes I forget how global the LPGA is now. JGolf is involved, after all.