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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Winner with No Name

A couple of bad hombres just strode through the cloud of Augusta gun smoke, the barrels of their six-shooters still hot...

Oh my gosh! Is that Fred Couples and Miguel Angel Jimenez on the front page of the leaderboard? Who'd-a thunk it?

And yet, there they are.

Clint EastwoodThe Waggler (Jason Dufner) is up to his old tricks as well. Rory McIlroy and Lee Westwood are both just one off the lead.

And while I seem to have doomed Luke Donald by picking him to win (at least he's not headed for Boot Hill), I'm shocked to see that my three "Players to Watch" -- Sergio Garcia, Bubba Watson, and Louis Oosthuizen -- are all just 1 stroke off the lead.

Who'd-a thunk it? And yet, there they are.

Tiger is struggling to get his game firing on all cylinders, but I found all the speculation I heard on Friday extremely funny. I'm not particularly surprised by this, as I noted in this post back in February:
"As for his swing, Tiger has always said it takes 15 months or so for him to "own" a new one. He may win before then, but we should withhold any judgments about his future until we see what he's like in June or July."
Have you ever thought you had something new completely figured out, only to have it fall apart in your hands? Invariably, it's because you were on the verge of a breakthrough. I actually view Tiger's struggles this week as a positive thing. To me, it's another indication that he's probably right on schedule.

Unfortunately, it's useless to bring a knife to a gunfight...

And finally, there was Phil, casually blowing the smoke from his custom pearl-handled revolver as he got himself within 3 strokes of the lead going into the weekend. Did we really expect anything else?

This is shaping up to be a pretty special Masters after all, even if it isn't the Clint Eastwood-style shootout we expected. I wonder who'll be left standing Sunday night?

At least if it's the Mechanic, we'll get the Clint Eastwood signature cigar.

The photo came from this site.

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