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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hogan & Dufner Comparison

On Sunday Peter Kostis did a side-by-side comparison of Ben Hogan and Jason Dufner that was very informative. I was hoping someone would post it on YouTube, and I managed to find this clip.

Although this isn't a great copy, I wanted to post it. Just turn the volume up a bit and you should be able to hear it fine.

The one thing I'd like you to notice concerns that "narrowness" that Kostis talks about. If you compare the two swings at the top, you'll see that Hogan gets MUCH more narrow than Dufner. As a result, Hogan's driver drops below parallel while Dufner's never reaches parallel. (If you recall, I pointed that out in a post early last week.) It gets this narrow because Hogan bends his trailing elbow against his side before his hands get waist high, while Dufner's elbow is still fairly far away from his side at the same point.

What this means -- and Kostis doesn't point it out, because it's not immediately visible from this angle -- is that Hogan's swing plane is much flatter than Dufner's  You can see that Hogan's club is down around ear level when it's parallel, and he gets much more wrist cock coming down than Dufner does.

But here's the trick: The Hogan swing takes a great deal more strength than the Dufner swing. It develops a lot of clubhead speed, but at a price. If you want to copy one of them -- and you aren't already very strong or don't intend to spend a lot of time in the gym -- you'll be much happier with the Dufner version. It will put less strain on your body.

Just a tip.

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