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Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Haven't Lost My Touch

At least one of my choices made the semis! Morgan Pressel pulled the upset I predicted at the Sybase Match Play -- with a vengeance I didn't expect. I don't think anybody could have predicted the 5&4 thumping she gave Anna Nordqvist.

But the rest of my picks were on the wrong end of the thumper. I take some consolation in having correctly assessed the competition, even if I came to the wrong conclusions!

Vickie Hurst's length finally beat So Yeon Ryu's steady play. Ryo said herself that she hit a couple of shots coming in that usually indicate she's getting tired.

Candie Kung's steady play -- especially her putting -- kept on coming after Julieta Granada's streaky play streaked away.

And I picked Stacy Lewis purely because of her length advantage over Azahara Munoz. Guess what? Aza hit last on almost every hole!

At least this gives me something solid to try and base my picks for the semis on.
  • Kung over Hurst: I'm picking Kung because of how well she's putting. Granted, Hurst could stop leaving putts short... but with the pressure ratcheted up, I don't think she will. Kung's experience may give her an edge here.
  • Pressel over Munoz: My head says I should pick Munoz because of her newfound length and confidence.  Munoz is ahead of Pressel in virtually every stat, although Morgan's picked up a noticeable amount of length herself over the last year or so. But I'm taking Morgan because of her sheer determination.
And I'm picking Morgan Pressel to win it all. I just hope I haven't jinxed her the way I jinx Luke Donald.

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