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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 THE PLAYERS

Winner: Matt Kuchar

Around the wider world of golf: Christel Boeljon won the Turkish Airlines Ladies Open on the LET; Bi-o Kim won the GS Caltex Maekyung Open on the OneAsia Tour; and Ricardo Santos won the Madeira Islands Open on the European Tour.

Matt Kucher takes THE PLAYERS

During Sunday's round Jimmy Roberts did a brief piece that played on some Shakespearean themes going on in the final round.

At first it seemed more like a film festival to me. A number of unexpected movies made it to the big screen, such as:
  • The Demons of Na: A low-budget horror flick characterized by its black-and-white depiction of how our personal expectations can get into our heads, turning even seemingly simple actions into an onerous burden.
  • The Color Orange: A documentary about youth, culture, and the cult of personality in the early 21st Century.
  • The Reappearing Man: An independent film about a golfer no one had seen for years who suddenly begins appearing on leaderboards each week.
  • I Know Where You Ranked Last Summer: A thriller about the battle for #1 on the OWGR.
  • Martin, Lord of Scots (known as Martin, Laird of Scots in his homeland): An imported film about the next major Scottish golfer. Originally opened in a small number of theaters, but now receiving much wider release.
I could go on... but after some thought, I realized Jimmy was probably right. It was a Shakespearean comedy that eventually took center stage... The Taming of the Shrewish Course.

But since that little number was actually written by Matt Kuchar -- a playwright of increasing stature in the game -- and since he eventually received the Crystal from the Academy for his starring performance in his own work, I guess All's Well That Ends Well.

So this week's Limerick Summary salutes the supremely performed work of Matt Kuchar... and wishes Kevin Na well in his attempts to end his Midsummer Night's Nightmare:
Kevin's "demons" left viewers dumbfounded
While for Fowler, support was unbounded.
But 'twas all much ado
About nothing—we knew
Fears that Matt wouldn't win were unfounded.
The photo came from's Tour Report.

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