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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Luke and Jason Are on the Verge Again

All Luke needs is a Top8 finish to retake #1 in the world. It looks like he intends to put an exclamation point on it.

The BMW PGA Championship is essentially the ET's equivalent of The PLAYERS. I know we can argue that the field is stronger at The PLAYERS. Still, it's no small thing to win the BMW. The course is a proven track with a history of legends as winners, and it's a test that doesn't favor one type of player. That's why I give it the same weight as The PLAYERS in my own rankings.

The real question is, can Luke successfully defend his title there? Remember, this is where he took #1 for the first time last year (at that time, from Lee Westwood) and became the first player since Tiger to hold the position for more than a few weeks. And while other players have knocked him off the pedestal several times, he keeps stepping right back up to retake it within a few weeks.

I think he can do it. He'll have his hands full with the wind at Wentworth, but I expect him to finish the job. It appears that he finally has his game back in shape -- I think it was understandable that it would fall off, given the triple punch of a record year, his dad's death, and his daughter's birth -- and he seems to be comfortable again.

Then you've got Jason Dufner, calmly mimicking Ben Hogan on Hogan's own track, potentially on his way to a 3rd win in 4 starts.

And yes, if they both win, I suppose I'll have to rank them #1 and #2 in the RGWR. Rory's played horribly for the last few weeks and nobody else with 3 or more wins in the last year -- a short list to be sure -- is really making a move.

It's funny, you know... we've all been waiting for Rory and Lee and Tiger and Phil and the young guns to rumble. And guess what? It appears that the two best players in the world right now as we head into the thick of major season have no majors and always seem to slip under the radar.

Unless something changes soon, it looks like this year may end up being a battle for supremacy between Luke Donald and Jason Dufner. And while I wouldn't have said this before the year started... I really don't know if we could write a more interesting script than that.

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