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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Quick Dufner Lesson

I just wanted to show you all something I noticed today during a Golf Central segment. I took this still from this YouTube video from the Zurich Classic:

Dufner at top of backswing

This is the top of Jason Dufner's backswing with a driver. That's with a driver, folks! And yet the Waggler, a mere 5' 10" tall, is averaging almost 291 yards off the tee this season (according to his PGA Tour stat page) and over 316 in his win last week.

Some of you are trying to get a huge arc on your backswing when your bodies aren't really built for it. As a result you put yourself in a position from which you simply can't make a good swing. Granted, Jason gets a huge shoulder turn, but just a good 90-degree shoulder turn should be enough to get most average guys (with an otherwise sound swing, that is -- not great, just sound) a good 250 yards or so.

A shorter backswing like this also puts you in a stable balanced position, so there's a good chance you'll be more accurate as well.

So if you can comfortably get a huge swing arc like Bubba, that's great. Go for it! But a good 3/4-position like Jason's can be a potent weapon in anybody's arsenal.

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