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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Quick Guides Are Now in Paper

It wasn't planned. The Quick Guides I've written so far were only going to be available as ebooks because the setup fees for my normal printer would have run hundreds of dollars.

Quick Guide coversAnd then the things started selling like crazy. (Thank you all very much for that!) But they're selling primarily as PDFs through my website and the Kindle version at Amazon. Two of them actually made it into the Kindle Top50 golf books for a while, if you can believe it. So I decided to explore CreateSpace (Amazon's POD unit) as a possible printer for paperback versions. That way I could get around the expensive setup and still get the books out on Amazon and through this blog.

As a result, the paperback versions "went live" at Amazon sometime Friday. Here's the deal:

I tried to make the books as useable as possible. I've discovered that traditional book design is a bit less versatile than ebook design, so the Quick Guides have been designed as large format books incorporating as much ebook functionality as possible. That means that they're larger than normal -- 7.5 x 9.25 inches -- which let me put huge diagrams in them and large print. That not only makes them easier to use when you're actually outside practicing, it also makes them usable for people with less than perfect vision. (I believe that's one of the strongest selling points for ereaders -- adjustable print size.) There aren't many golf books designed for those players, so I figured I'd include them too.

In addition, I tried to add the "flip book" feature to Stop Coming Over-the-Top that I included in the ebook version. The last chapter was redesigned so lefties can flip through a swing sequence with their left hands while righties can do the same with their right hands. It's not as neat as the ebooks, but it does work.

If you order the books through Amazon, More Golf Swing Speed will set you back $6.99 and the other two books are $7.99. If you have Amazon Prime or are ordering $25 or more to get free shipping, you're all set. That's simple enough.

However, I know some of you don't order a lot of stuff from Amazon, so I'm trying to help you out. If you click on the My Paperbacks button under the blog's masthead, you'll go to a page I call the "Defiant Publishing Store" where you can get the books at a discount. You put your books in a "shopping cart" -- you know how this works, and there are complete instructions on the page if you don't -- and then check out. There's a discount code on the store page that you can put in at checkout to get $1 off on every book you buy. Instead of $6.99 and $7.99, you'll only pay $5.99 and $6.99 which should help offset a lot of the postage.

Eventually I'll make the Quick Guides available everywhere... but that costs money I don't have right now. In the meantime those of you who want paperbacks instead of ebooks at least have a choice.

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