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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bo Knows Balance

Everybody's talking about Bo Van Pelt's performance at the AT&T this past weekend. And I thought we'd take a quick look at Bo's swing, although I'm going to let Bo tell you himself what I think is the most important lesson you can learn from him.

Ok, let's look at a couple of swing clips. First, a down-the-line driver swing from this year's Waste Management event:

And here's a face-on iron shot from this year's Masters:

Now I could dissect this swing and point out all the fundamentals I commonly see when I look at these videos. But Bo has his own take on what's important in the golf swing, and I was fortunate to find this short video of him explaining what he thinks is important:

Stability. Balance. Footwork. These are all interrelated, and they're what Bo says is important in a golf swing. I thought his coach's drill, where he actually held their feet on the ground so they wouldn't move them, was an interesting approach.

You might want to try the same drill. You don't have to have someone actually hold your feet, but try making swings while keeping both feet flat on the ground. Shorten your backswing if you need to, and don't let your trailing foot come off the ground until after you've hit the ball. During his normal swing with the driver you can see that Bo's right foot doesn't start coming off the ground until his hands are around waist high in his downswing. It looks as if it stays on the ground during an iron swing until he's almost at impact. Can you do the same?

Making some swings while trying to keep your feet still may be just what you need to improve your swing. It works for Bo, and clearly Bo knows golf. If you can hang with Tiger coming down the stretch at Congressional, you know what you're doing.

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