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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting a Firm Grip

I haven't put up anything about grips in a while, and I found this clip that I liked. It's basically an ad for Swing Man Golf, but it has a couple of useful bits of info that I thought you'd all find useful:

First, that little trick about wedging the club under the heel of your lead hand? That's pure Hogan. If you want to pattern your swing after Hogan in any way, shape, or form, you should pay close attention to that part of the video. And even if you aren't a Hogan disciple, it can help you reduce the amount of pressure you need to keep a firm grip on the club.

Bear in mind that it's very important to have the correct size grips on your club in order to hold the club this way. If the grip is too large or too small, you'll have trouble getting a firm hold. If you have trouble, ask your local pro to check your grips.

And on the second point, you need to understand that a neutral grip does NOT mean that your thumbs are centered on top of the grip. The Vs between your thumb and forefinger -- on both hands -- will be centered on top. That means that your thumbs actually rest on the opposite side of the grip from your palms!

Many of you who are having problems with slices will find this small adjustment will straighten you out or at least reduce your slice to a very playable fade.

These are small things, but they can make a huge difference in your swing. Best of all, you can practice them right in your living room while watching TV because you don't have to swing a club to practice your grip and address position.

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