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Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Guess Tiger Likes the Quiet

When I first heard that the fans wouldn't be able to get into the AT&T because of the storm damage, my first thought was, "The absence of cell phones will thrill Tiger to no end."

Ok, maybe he didn't escape the crowds completely. A few fans managed to sneak onto Congressional -- hidden perhaps by all the fallen trees? -- but Saturday must have felt like his private practice area in Florida compared to a normal weekend.

And while the commentators speculated on how the other players would react to a silent course, Tiger thrived. His best score of the week was coupled with his best short-game play of the week. Four birdies, no bogeys.

Now he's a single shot off the lead on a tough course. And let's face it -- no offense to the other players -- but unless Tiger's game leaves him overnight, his most likely competition is Hunter Mahan, who is now one shot behind him and in full chase mode. It seems to me that the heat is the wild card here, but not for the reason you might think.

From what I saw, it looked like Hunter was pulling shots Saturday. Normally he would work that out on the range -- a minor adjustment, I'm sure -- but the heat probably kept him from doing so. I'm sure neither he nor Tiger got their regular practice in after the round, which means even they probably don't know what they'll have today.

Add the delayed start (for more clean-up) to the final round, and all bets are off. But I'll tell you one thing...

When today's round is over, I won't be surprised if we're looking at the Tour's first 3-time winner of 2012. I think the big question is whether the Hunter bags the Tiger or vice versa.

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