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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Greenbrier Classic

Winner: Ted Potter Jr.

Around the wider world of golf: Na Yeon Choi blistered the field at the LPGA's biggest major, the U.S. Women's Open; Kirk Triplett won the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach on the Champions Tour (Tyler Broach won the Juniors competition); Marcel Siem won the Alstom Open de France on the European Tour; and Marianne Skarpnord won the LET's Ladies Norwegian Challenge.

Potter and his new trophy has a nice article about Ted Potter Jr. that compares him to Carl Spackler. It's called From Cart Barn to Champion, Potter's Patience Prevails. It's both encouraging and funny, and I'd definitely recommend you read it. Just to borrow a short section:
After learning the game without the benefit of formal lessons or a country club lifestyle -- Potter's dad was a golf-course maintenance worker and his mom a Walmart employee -- Potter dominated the Hooters Tour, where he won 14 times, was twice Player of the Year, and racked up $650,000 in earnings, an unusually high amount for a mini tour. 
In his first season on the Tour in 2004, however, Potter missed every single cut, a not-so-perfect 24-for-24, which meant it was back to the minors. 
He'd have to wait three years to get back to that level, and when he did, he didn't fare much better. Potter missed 15 of 20 cuts in 2007.
Potter is a rookie on the PGA Tour this year. Obviously he'll be playing there past 2012.

But watching him made me think more of Harry Potter than Carl Spackler. He wielded his clubs more like a set of magic wands, knocking out a 64 in the final round to give himself a chance to win. When it became clear that he would be going into a playoff, did he head for the practice range? No, he sat and watched, then casually walked out for a 3-hole playoff where he simply hit the shots he needed.

In the same way Harry Potter just seems to rise to the occasion -- I'm reminded of Hermione asking Harry if he was really that thick, to think he could just take care of things all by himself -- Ted Potter Jr. got his chance Sunday and just rose to the occasion. And as the evil Lord Voldemort, aka "He Who Must Not Be Named," discovered for himself, you don't want to be putting guys named Potter in a position where they need to come through.

They seem to have a tendency to do just that. PGA Tour players, take note!

So today's Limerick Summary salutes the Tour's newest wizard and his creative use of the Alohomora Spell -- which, in case you aren't a student at Hogwarts, is a spell used to unlock doors:
Tour players had better be wary.
As Voldemort learned about Harry,
He'll go the duration
And—though no relation—
Ted too can be quite mercenary.
The photo came from the Greenbrier's homepage at

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