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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Olympics Are Here!

On the outside chance you didn't see this, let me just say that there was no way I could follow this with a post. In case you missed it...

This is the BBC's broadcast. The movie that starts the clip was being seen by the people in the Olympic Arena, as James Bond escorts the Queen to the Olympic opening ceremony. (Yes, it's the real Queen, and it was shot at the real Buckingham Palace. Even the Queen's pet Corgis are in it.) Just after the 4:40 mark the video begins cutting back and forth between the film being seen in the arena and the actual arrival of the helicopter...

I hope you didn't miss the Churchill statue!

I wish I could have found NBC's clip, as they followed "the Queen" all the way down and you could see her land behind the area from which she entered the arena. Alas, I had to do this post before their clip had time to reach YouTube.

In case you're interested, here's an article with more detail on the film.

But like I said, I simply couldn't follow this. It's one of the coolest things any Olympic presenter has ever done! I'll get back to golf tomorrow.

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