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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Quick Lesson About Bounce

Today I found a short video explaining how you choose the bounce on your wedges. You may need to listen to it several times to get all the information, but it's pretty good to be this short.

That's all pretty clear, but let me add one other thing that isn't mentioned on this video.

All that advice about steep and shallow swings applies to your swing in general. Players with more upright swings often need more bounce on all their wedges to keep from digging in too deeply and hitting the ball fat. Likewise, players with flatter swings just generally need less bounce to get solid contact and not hit the ball thin. This video divides wedges into high- and low-bounce, but you can get almost any degree of bounce you need. Just ask the pro who fits you for your clubs.

I hope you find this video useful because this is important information. I speak from experience. I struggled for a long time with poor bunker play, only to make almost miraculous improvement when I went from 8 degrees of bounce to 15. By all means, take some time to understand how the bounce on your wedges works.

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