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Friday, August 3, 2012

As Usual, Luke Shows Up...

When his #1 position is threatened. The word is that Tiger can take it over if he wins at Bridgestone and Luke finishes 3rd or worse.

Currently Luke is 3rd, 3 off the lead, but Tiger sits T31 at even par. Tiger posted 3 birdies and 3 bogeys, while Luke posted 7 birdies and 3 bogeys.

Clearly this is the key to Luke winning a major. Just convince him that he needs a ridiculously low finish to prevent losing the #1 spot and WHAMMO! Instant major.

Of course, I guess we could argue that Jim Furyk also plays well when Luke Donald needs a low finish... at least he did Thursday. The stats say Furyk is averaging almost 310 off the tee at Bridgestone, thus proving that many of the Tour's courses bear no resemblance to the courses you and I play (Furyk normally averages 280). Furyk also hit more fairways and greens than Donald did Thursday. This translated into 7 birdies and an eagle, plus 2 bogeys.

As for Adam Scott, he shot +1 -- the numbers make it very clear it was his putting that betrayed him, as his GIR matched Furyk. At least he putted better than Tiger... barely.

I know first rounds actually tell us very little about how a tournament will turn out. But some players whose games have been off lately played well in the first round, while some of the expected leaders struggled. Maybe this will be a good sign for Luke to get his first major next week...

And maybe his first Bridgestone this week. I sure wouldn't bet against him losing his #1 position just yet.

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