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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remember the Possibilities

On occasion I've posted video footage of commercials that I think are cool. Every now and then one comes along that's just hilarious. (For example, if you haven't seen the new Comcast commercial with Jason Dufner looking like Rip Van Winkle, you really should check it out!)

But this commercial just blew me away -- not just because it's inventive, but because it sums up the importance of your mindset so well:

Sometimes it just seems like the game is never going to "come to you," that you'll never get the hang of your swing or knock those wasted strokes off your score. Like Nathan -- the kid in the video -- you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your goal.

There's a myth most of us believe that we need to let go of... and the sooner, the better. Success isn't always pretty, folks. Sometimes it's downright ugly. Most of us want more than just a win -- we also want people to ooh and ahh at how simple and elegant we made it look. We manage to make some improvement... then we gripe that it wasn't enough and that "we're better than that," as if we should somehow be so much farther along than we are.

If we get caught up in that mindset, we sabotage ourselves. Somewhere along the line we have to learn a measure of gratitude for what we accomplish. Learning to appreciate and enjoy your progress -- regardless of how small you think it may be -- can make the difference between whether you eventually succeed or just self-destruct.

Remember: Success isn't measured from where you think you should be; it's measured from where you actually are. A mindset of gratitude and fun can make it much easier to master this game.

UPDATE: ABC News did a special story about Nathan. He's not from London, England, but London, Ohio. You can read it here.

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