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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watney from a Year Ago

Just a quickie look at Nick Watney's swing. However, this is his swing from a year ago, when he was in the midst of his good run of play. I'm just going to give you a quick look at one of the ways he gets more distance:

Watch that trailing elbow as he goes back, changes direction, and starts down. Nick has a fairly upright swing so his elbow gets a little farther from his side going up than I'd like to see. However, he uses a one-piece takeaway well into his backswing, so I won't complain too much. ;-)

Note that at the top he doesn't quite get parallel, even with the driver. A good shoulder turn doesn't require that the club reach parallel.

And finally, note how his trailing elbow gets closer to his side on the way down while his lead arm stays pretty straight. This is why his wrists stay cocked well into the downswing. (If you're trying to "hold the angle," you're just wasting your time. That late uncocking is a side effect of the correct downswing move; you can't get it by focusing on your wrists.) Too many of you are moving your trailing elbow away from your side as you start down. That causes your wrists to uncock early, even right at the top of the downswing. Thiat's called casting.

You want to learn how to do that "elbow moves closer to side" move? Check my Some Useful Post Series page. It's the first series called How to Use a Single-Plane Loop for Power and Accuracy.

There you go, a quick power lesson. Have fun!


  1. Mike,

    I've always wondered where Nick gets his power from. He doesn't swing overly fast or get the club to parallel.

    Thanks for explaining why and all about the right elbow. Will try and read more in your link to useful posts.


  2. Glad to help, Jordan. I can't stress that trailing elbow move enough. I don't care how much effort people put into "holding the angle on the way down," if you move that elbow away from your side instead of nearer on the way down, your wrists are going to uncock waaaay before you reach the ball.

    And -- forgive me for plugging my books, I rarely do so -- the More Golf Swing Speed Quick Guide goes into more detail about the move and how to get the most use out of it, if you're interested.

    BTW, J.B. Holmes is another player whose swing is way short of parallel but creates power the same way.