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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What to Watch?

This is going to be a tricky day for watching golf. In a sense, history may be made on two fronts.

Lydia Ko is still leading after 3 rounds at the CN Canadian Women's Open. If she wins, she'll be the youngest player ever to win an LPGA event -- eclipsing even Lexi Thompson -- and she'll be the first amateur to win on the Tour since Joanne Carner back in 1969.

And Sergio is still leading at The Barclays. Granted, it won't make any kind of history if Sergio wins. But it will be 2 straight PGA Tour wins for him -- the first time he's done that in years -- and it could certainly portend some continued good play going forward. Golf is always more interesting when Sergio is in the mix -- as Forrest Gump once said, you never know what you gonna get!

But here's the problem: Both tournaments are on at the same time! GC is showing 4 hours of live coverage from the Canadian Open, and CBS is showing 4 hours of live coverage from The Barclays... and both will run from 2pm till 6pm ET.

So what to watch? I'm afraid I'll be doing some bouncing back-and-forth between channels, hoping only one of the tournaments gets interesting!

But I wouldn't bet on it. I think Sergio and Lydia might just pull off the double this weekend. That could make both the Ricoh Women's British Open AND the Ryder Cup must-see TV... as if they weren't already.

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