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Thursday, September 20, 2012

And So the Intimidation Begins...

Before I start, gotta send out a quick farewell to Pia Sundhage, the Head Coach of the U.S. National Women's Soccer Team for the last 5 years. Wednesday night was officially her last night as Head Coach, and the team gave her a proper sendoff by winning against Australia 6-2, letting Sundhage finish her tenure on a 14-win streak. Her replacement's gonna have some big shoes to fill!

And today Rory gets to resume his "intimidation" of Tiger. GC begins their broadcast at 11am ET. Well, technically that the pre-game show; GC lists the official broadcast at 1pm. The LPGA will be broadcast starting at 6:30pm.

I have to admit, despite being a huge Greg Norman fan, sometimes Greg says things that make me just bury my face in my hands and shake my head. (You really can do both at the same time, just try it.) Everybody seemed to be having fun with it Wednesday, especially Rory and Tiger. Rory says Tiger has nicknamed him "Intimidator."

Personally, I was relieved to find that Tiger would find it somewhat intimidating if Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was coming at him. At least now I know Tiger and I have something in common. ;-)

Remember: Pre-game at 11am ET (they'll probably do some spot coverage during that broadcast) and the official broadcast of the first round at 1pm.

And also remember to tremble a little (for Greg's sake) when Rory gets some screen time... and don't laugh when you do. Be respectful.

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