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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Limerick Summary: 2012 Tour Championship

Winner: Brandt Snedeker

Around the wider world of golf: Stacy Lewis got her third win of the year at the Navistar LPGA Classic; Thidapa Suwannapura won the Vidalia Championship on the Symetra Tour; Stacey Keating won the Tenerife Open de Espana Feminino on the LET; Masanori Kobayashi won the Asia-Pacific Panasonic Open on the Asian Tour; Luke Guthrie won the WNB Golf Classic on the Tour; and Rikako Morita won the Miyagi TV Cup Dunlop Ladies Open on the JLPGA. You can read about that one over at Mostly Harmless.

Sneds hoists 2 trophies for the price of one

What can I say? Sneds is simply awesome.

After all the big moments in the past where he fell short -- moments that I suspect most golfers have to go through in one form or another before they learn how to handle them -- Brandt Snedeker handled perhaps the biggest moment in his golf life like it was just another day.

Sneds came into the playoffs in 19th position, basically because of one win early in the season and a lot of solid play since. He had hip surgery late last year and was out with a cracked rib part of this year. Yet he played himself into the Top 5 without winning a playoff event -- at least, not one of the first three! In the 4 events he hit a whole lot of fairways and greens, and he made over 1300 feet of putts. That's some serious playing!

Only 3 players shot better scores than Sneds on Sunday... none of them was more than 2 strokes better and none was close enough to mount a challenge. He simply got it done when it mattered most. And now he's headed for his maiden appearance at the Ryder Cup this week. That should be interesting!

The "Signature Column" at about Brandt is well-done; you can find the link to it at the end of this post, so I won't drone on and on here. But Johnny Miller may be right -- this just may be the victory that kicks Brandt's career into high gear.

In the meantime, the Limerick Summary salutes the man who let the genie out of the bottle -- a Coke bottle!
Like Aladdin in charge of his destiny,
Brandt rapidly proved he was best in the
Entire playoff field.
His critics were stilled
As he yelled to the bank, "Open Sesame!"
The photo came from the Tour Championship main page at That "Signature Column" label was on the photo on the front page as well. Looks like Brandt still isn't getting any respect! You can read that "Signature Column" here.

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