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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting the Shaft... in Your Next Set of Clubs

Today I'm recommending an equipment article I read over at The article is called Shaft Exchange and the idea is simple: Are steel shafts or graphite shafts better for your irons, regardless of what kind of shaft you use in your woods and hybrids?

picture of graphite shaft used for the article

I'll warn you upfront: It's a fairly long article. But I found it worth reading. Unlike most of these comparison articles -- you know, the ones that bog you down with tables full of figures that you may not even understand -- Ryan Noll did a simple performance test. He used his existing set of steel-shafted irons as his baseline, then took a second identical set and put the same shaft model and flex (but in graphite) in them for comparison.

The article is very enlightening and since I know many of you will start looking at new clubs soon -- the new models will be coming out in the next month or so -- you might find his conclusions very helpful when you start shopping. This isn't a high-tech evaluation so much as a common sense one.

Given all the hype that surrounds equipment these days, that's a refreshing change.

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