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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hitting the Driver

Today I found a new video from instructor Karen Nannen about hitting your driver at and decided some of you might find it helpful. After all, you hit the driver with an upward stroke -- not downward, as you do with an iron.

Yes, I've done posts about driving technique before. But I never know when one of these new videos might make the technique clearer to some of you, and since I like short video lessons that get right to the point...

One thing I want to point out -- and this goes for any face-on video you may look at -- is that spine angles can be a bit deceiving from this view. It looks as if Karen is leaning backward when she swings upward, but she isn't. Because she's bent forward at the hips --that is, tilted toward the ball -- it can look as if she's pushed her hips forward and curved her back more than she actually has. Bear that in mind when you make your swing; otherwise, you might unintentionally add a slice by tilting your spine backward too much. If you do that, you might leave the club face open.

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