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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Elders of 2012

Today I'm looking back at the Champions Tour... but this will be a fairly short post. Why?

Because I don't expect much to change in 2013.

Most of the big names of 2013 -- Bernhard Langer, Tom Lehman, Michael Allen, and Fred Funk lead this pack -- will just keep doing what they've been doing. We'll see some up-and-comers like Roger Chapman and Kenny Perry continue their rise, and I'm looking for Peter Senior to join the fray after his win in Australia this month. And Steve Elkington will probably make some noise when he joins the Champions Tour in 2013.

Vijay Singh has made no secret that he plans to continue focusing on the PGA Tour. I don't expect to see him in a Champions Tour event unless (1) it's a major -- which may not matter to him either, or (2) there's no PGA event that week and he wants to play anyway.

You may wonder why I haven't mentioned Tom Watson and Fred Couples. Tom should be obvious. Having been named the 2014 Ryder Cup captain, I expect him to play a bit more on the PGA Tour... and when he isn't, I suspect he'll be a bit too distracted to play at the same level as usual on the Champions Tour. That seems to happen to everybody who becomes captain.

As for Freddie, I think his back is becoming a bigger issue than he's letting on. I believeI heard that the back treatment he's had to go to Germany for is going to be made legal in the US, so it will be more readily available... but it seems to have been less effective in the last few months. I can only assume that's due to deterioration in his condition. I hope I'm wrong, but he did cut back on his playing schedule as 2012 wound down.

All-in-all, it will be business-as-usual for the older set... and I'm not sure that will be particularly newsworthy. The Champions Tour still needs something to give it a unique identity, and I'm not sure we'll see that arrive in the coming year....

But we can hope.

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  1. Peter Senior is going to tear Tiger Woods up the very next time he gets his chance!