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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Limerick Summary: The End of 2012

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Around the wider world of golf: No tournaments this past week -- too many parties to plan!


The year formerly known as 2012 is about to end its career with some pretty impressive memories. I've tried to document a lot of them in the Limerick Summaries this year but there's no way I can do justice to them all in one little wrap-up verse.

So let's just say good-bye to the great year of golf that 2012 gave us... and let this week's Limerick Summary look forward to the potential for greatness that could be 2013:
Twenty-twelve didn’t bring us the end
Of the world – just a season that’s been
All that golf fans could ask.
But there’s no time to bask
In past glories. The new year begins!
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