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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hybrids on the Green

Today I just have a quick tip for you. Have you ever considered putting with one of your hybrid clubs instead of a putter?

Your first reaction is probably, "Oh, you mean from off the green."

And I'm saying, "No. I mean using it on the green instead of your putter."

So I can hear you now: "Why would I ever want to use a hybrid on the green?"

Here's why: Most players don't like to make long strokes with a putter. As players get farther from the hole, they tend to leave the ball short more often. That's because most of us have a maximum-length stroke that we feel comfortable making. Once a putt gets longer than that, we second-guess ourselves and either hit the ball too hard or too soft.

A hybrid has a longer shaft -- so you don't have to make as long a stroke to hit the ball farther -- but it doesn't have as much loft on the face. That means the ball doesn't "jump" as much when you hit it. In fact, if you move the ball just slightly back in your stance from your normal putting position -- maybe an inch or even less -- you'll deloft the club enough to keep the ball from jumping at all.

This can really help you putt better on those long putts. And on the extremely long ones, you might even consider using your driver on the green. The idea is that you can make a comfortable stroke and let the longer-shafted club create the extra club speed you need. This isn't much different than choking down on short irons when you need to "take a little off" a pitch shot.

A few minutes spent practicing lag putting with a hybrid can really improve your long approach putts. Give it a try... you might be surprised.

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