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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Matteo Manassero on Fairway Woods

Matteo Manassero has won 3 times on the European Tour, yet he isn't a big hitter -- at least, not by Tour standards. He hits his driver around 275 yards. When I found this little video from Golf Monthly (shot just a couple of months ago) on fairway woods -- especially the 3-wood -- I knew it was worth passing along.

Some of the info is more a matter of curiosity -- what clubs he uses and their lofts, for instance -- but he gets a bit more into technique as he goes along. He even compares his 3-wood distance to his driver distance.

A couple of things from the video worth mentioning:

Although driver technique (off the tee) is typically different from the way you play your other shots, Matteo says he doesn't play his 3-wood any differently off the tee than he does when hitting it off the fairway. This is why I often recommend that players working on their swings use their 3-woods instead of a driver. You can use the same swing all the time, so you make progress faster.

Note that Matteo hits his 3-wood with a slightly in-to-out path when he wants to hit the ball lower and farther. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a huge path change. Essentially he's just trying to flatten out the bottom of his swing, so he doesn't hit down on the ball as much. This makes the ball fly lower and roll more when it hits the ground.

Learning to hit your 3-wood well can certainly help you overcome a lack of distance on the holes where length is a problem. Matteo is proof that you don't have to be a bomber to play this game well.

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