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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Phil and the Media

Since yesterday's post was about the latest "what will Phil say next?" moment, I figured his news conference at Torrey Pines on Wednesday might be interesting.

And it was. About half of it was about "the tax thing." But in addition to being one of his funnier pressers, Phil also had what I believe were some thoughtful views on (1) why the Tour shouldn't make its own rules and (2) using Torrey as an example, how course designers can help amateur players while also making the course more profitable.

One of the better Phil interviews.

BTW, this video is from which means it's ridiculously small. If you want to watch it at a more normal size, just start the video and then click on that little icon in the lower right corner that looks like two arrows. It'll give you a screen-size view.

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