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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rookies Behaving Badly

At least I'm sure it seems that way to the "non-rookies." (They're such a diverse group, what should I call them? Veterans? Established players? Snookie, DJ Pauly D, and the Situation?)

Here's the deal: Rookies aren't supposed to play well. They're supposed to struggle in their first "official appearance as Tour members." Rookies aren't supposed to handle the pressure well. They're supposed to be confused by course setups and intimidated by the "big stage" on which they find themselves.

Rookies aren't supposed to set the tournament record for the 54-hole lead at the Sony Open.

Above all, TWO rookies aren't supposed to set the tournament record for the 54-hole lead at the Sony Open.

Two rookies in Hawaii

And yet I submit the strange case of Scott Langley and Russell Henley, two rookies who are so out of their element that they clearly don't realize they are rookies. Furthermore, they are so clueless that they don't seem to understand their sad situation... even after the media explains it to them.

Ah, the foolishness of youth! Will no one help them? Can no one show them the error of their ways and help them crumble under the weight of unrealistic expectations? Are they destined to suffer the folly of their own ignorance and end up decimating the Sony Open field?

I fear that only time -- specifically today's final round -- can answer that question. But at least we appear to have the answer to another question...

Perhaps 2012 won't be such a tough act to follow after all.

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