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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Limerick Summary: 2013 Farmers Insurance Open

Winner: Tiger Woods

Around the wider world of golf: Caroline Hedwall won the Bing Lee Samsung Women's New South Wales Open on the ALPG (Lydia Ko took second); David Bransdon won the Lexus of Blackburn Heritage Classic on the Australasian Tour; Chris Wood won the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters on the ET; Phoebe Yao won the TLPGA Yeangder Open on the LAGT; and Oliver Bekker won the Telkom PGA Pro-Am on the Sunshine Tour.

Tiger picks up his 7th Farmers trophy

Perhaps the final round lacked a bit of drama. It certainly lacked a decent pace of play. It took 3 hours to play 9 holes, for Pete's sake! Tiger admitted that the slow play caused him to lose his patience and go +4 on his last 5 holes.

It's not like anybody else played that well, though. Tiger still won by 4 strokes and picked up win #7 at the Farmers (win #8 at Torrey Pines if you count the 2008 US Open) and win #75 overall. It was cold, windy, and -- as previously mentioned -- slo-o-o-ow.

There's not much more I can say about the Farmers Insurance Open... but I would like to make an observation about Tiger's play.

Much was made of his inconsistency with the driver. Well, Tiger's never been that consistent with the driver but it's never really stopped him from winning. The problem during his comeback has been short irons in general and wedges in particular... and those were sharp this week, even with all the cold wind and delays.

That bodes well for Tiger in 2013.

So this week's Limerick Summary salutes Tiger's dominating if somewhat inconsistent play at Torrey. As Forrest Gump once said, "Life is like a Tiger Woods drive. You never know what you gonna get."

Well, he said something like that...
Though some folks say Tiger Woods owns the place,
At Torrey his ball needed “breathing space”
The fairways all lacked.
It looked like he hacked
It around but he won… at a snail’s pace.
The photo came from the Farmers tournament page at

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