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Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild Cat

In football, the wildcat is a special formation often used in the "red zone." (That's the last 20 yards before you reach the goal line for a touchdown.) The wildcat is designed to confuse the defense. They don't know whether to expect the quarterback to pass the ball or run with it or give it to somebody else so they can run it.

Almost anything can happen when you run the wildcat. And the offense hopes that it results in a touchdown.

Wild Cat is also a good term to describe how Tiger played on Sunday. Nobody knew quite what to expect. Sometimes the ball was in the fairway, sometimes in the rough, sometimes in the sand, sometimes behind a tree. But the result was the same just about every time... birdies.

One of Tiger's rare misses on Sunday

On Saturday I said that we should watch his iron play this weekend to see if he was making any progress. After watching him stick his wedge time after time, I think it's safe to predict a major this year. It was his wedge that killed his chances last year...

Looks like that's what will kill everybody else's chances this year.

Going into today's final round, Tiger leads by 6 -- which, ironically, is the same number of points in a touchdown. I don't think this one will go into overtime, though.

GC will begin coverage of the remainder of the final round at 1:30pm ET today. CBS will pick it up at 4pm ET. Unless something goes horribly wrong for Tiger and incredibly well for the rest of the field, it looks like Tiger will chalk up win #75 today.

I wonder... since Tiger said he'll be wearing his customary red shirt today, I wonder if that makes the final round at the Farmers his own personal "red zone"?

The photo comes courtesy of ESPN.

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