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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little More Help for Ramzi

In the comments to Sunday's post Ramzi left me a question about which arm controls the downswing. I wrote a reply but afterward I thought about an older post that might also be helpful.

Much of my answer to Ramzi concerned connection, which is one of those fundamentals that Ben Hogan made popular. Back in December 2011 I did a post with some teaching on connection from Nick Faldo. You should use the link and read the original post, but I've included the video here. The section on connection starts at the 1:00 mark.

What Nick is talking about here in relation to chipping and pitching also applies to the full swing. And it's usually easier to learn full swing moves if you start by using the techniques for pitching.

Connection is the key to keeping your arms in synch with the rest of your body. By all means, try out this little drill!


  1. Thanks again're really helping golfers around the world becoming better.

    So squeeze your pecs/man boobs with the triceps and swing for that connected feeling?

  2. Exactly. That keeps your elbows pointed down at the ground throughout the swing. Because of the way your arm bones are put together, it almost forces the club to synch up with your body.

  3. Hi Mike:

    The connection thing first made famous by VJ Singh with the towel drill, thanks for pointing it out to average weekend hackers, it really helps in striking the ball better, I believe in there are two are two kinds of swing one for the pro and one for the average Joe.


  4. Actually, the towel drill is much older than Vijay's use of it. It's just that the media didn't spend as much time on the practice tee before the Workout Warrior showed up. ;-)