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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bill Murray: Golfer and Sea Captain

Or perhaps he's working with the railroad now, given that cap he's wearing. But he looks conspicuously like a sea captain to me... and given that Pebble Beach is on the ocean, I suppose that makes sense in a Bill Murray sort of way.

Bill Murray and Andy Garcia

Captain Murray was shivering his timbers Wednesday at the celebrity challenge event before the pro-am proper. Those lambchops he's wearing remind me of somebody, although I can't remember who. If he had the full beard, I'd say it was the Gorton's fisherman.

If he had a pipe, he could be some British actor playing a detective from Scotland Yard. (In which case his partner should be either J.B. Holmes or Bubba Watson.)

Bill Murray close-up

Instead, Bill is back as D.A. Point's partner. (They won the 2011 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, you'll remember.) And according to GC's website, the pregame show starts at 2:30pm ET and the tournament coverage starts at 3pm ET.

I wonder how he'll accessorize during the tournament? Full yellow rain slicker and hat, maybe? And fishing waders with spikes -- just the outfit for golfing at Pebble.

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