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Friday, February 8, 2013

Brandt Snedeker in Slo-Mo

There's a lot of interest in Brandt Snedeker's swing... and with good reason. Brandt's move is very simple and very well-balanced. I've dug up a couple of slo-mo videos to help you pick out some of the keys to do the same.

This first video comes from 2010 -- an analysis by Peter Kostis:

I want you to notice that A-shape Kostis has drawn along Brandt's sides at address. See how he stays within them throughout his swing? He's turning his hips, not sliding them. The consistency of his body over the ball is a big part of his consistent contact with the ball.

He makes a one-piece takeaway and his right knee (aka his trailing knee) stays reasonably stable. It doesn't slide sideways away from the target because he isn't pushing his hips sideways. No, his hips are turning and moving farther away from us, back away from the ball.

When Kostis talks about his hips "bumping" toward the front line on the downswing, I want you to pay attention to his crotch. (OK, stop thinking dirty out there!) The top of the A-shape formed by his legs doesn't really move forward that much. Rather, most of that "bump" is caused by his hips turning. When he actually hits the ball, his legs are only slightly closer to the target than they were at address.

Here's a much newer slo-mo from 2012:

I think the most interesting thing about this newer video is that Brandt's driver no longer gets to parallel at the top of his backswing. And if you watch closely, you'll see where he loses some of his club head speed -- when he changes direction at the top, his wrists actually uncock slightly as he starts his downswing.

But I wouldn't let that little problem stop you from copying Sneds's swing. After all, he's already got three Top3s this year and he's only 2 shots off the lead at Pebble after the first round.

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