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Thursday, February 21, 2013

That's Snow Way to Start a WGC

And to think they were worried about the wind when they teed off!

The possibility of snow became much more than a possibility at the WGC-Accenture Match Play... and it did so much earlier than expected.

Of course, you rarely expect to get snow in a desert. But most people don't realize that not all deserts are hot. I was researching the Sahara Desert for some children's stories a couple of years back and discovered that scientists define deserts in much broader terms. For example, here's a little section from Wikipedia's entry for desert:
Deserts are sometimes classified as "hot" and "cold" deserts. Cold deserts can be covered in snow or ice; frozen water unavailable to plant life. These are more commonly referred to as tundra if a short season of above-freezing temperatures is experienced, or as an ice cap if the temperature remains below freezing year-round, rendering the land almost completely lifeless.
The University of California at Berkley's page on deserts says that there are some cold deserts near Arizona, "in the basin and range area of Utah and Nevada."

And while most people would say that the Sahara Desert is the largest desert on earth, it's really only the third largest. Both Antarctica and the Arctic Desert (at the South and North Poles) are the Rory and Tiger of the OWDR -- the Official World Desert Rankings.

Still it's a bit disconcerting to turn on your TV, expecting to see a hot desert in Marana AZ, and seeing this instead:

Luke Donald tweeted this pic

Luke Donald tweeted this picture with the message "Even the cacti are cold, it's a winter wonderland here in Tucson!"

Lots of players were tweeting pictures of the snow -- between the snowball fights, that is. And there was plenty of snow to photograph; I heard there was as much as three inches.

But leave it to an Ian Poulter tweet to cut right to the crux of the matter: "What's the problem lets play. Hahahaha"

Ian Poulter tweeted this pic

The tournament is supposed to get back underway sometime today, and getting things done by Sunday shouldn't be a problem. After all, the first round has a relatively small total of 64 players and the numbers are cut in half with each successive round.

As for me, I've decided to be philosophical about the whole thing. GC has the LPGA tournament in Thailand scheduled to air starting at 9am ET, so there should be plenty of golf on the green stuff. And as for the match play...

On the bright side, at least all four of my picks are still in the tournament.

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