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Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Expensive Stroll on the Beach

Sand penalties are pretty common for most weekend players, but Stacy Lewis incurred one that most of us have never even imagined on Saturday at the Founders Cup. It's one you might want to be aware of.

To make a long story short, Stacy was penalized two strokes when her caddie Travis Wilson "tested the sand" with his feet. If you want the whole story, you can check out these two videos from GC:
Stacy's caddie tests the sand

Sometimes the Rules of Golf (yes, we must capitalize them) seem a bit ambiguous to me, especially when it comes to the subject of intent. How do you judge something as intangible as intent? It would be easier sometimes if the Rule just said "You can't do this, period."

But in this case, it's hard to argue the ruling. When the two of them are clearly discussing the depth of the sand and the caddie is apparently tapping it with his foot, the "intent" is pretty clear.

For weekend golfers I think it's important to note something Jerry Foltz says -- namely, that there's a difference between what a caddie's allowed to do and what a player's allowed to do. While the player can't test the sand, she would have learned something by merely taking her stance. The Rules do allow you to work your feet into the sand to get a good footing, and that would have given her some idea of the sand's depth while staying withing the rules.

At any rate, it's good for weekend players to realize that this is a penalty. In Stacy's case, it doubled her deficit to Ai Miyazato -- from 2 to 4 strokes -- and may have cost her the tournament.

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