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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He Played So Well, It Hurt

Brandt Snedeker will finally be back in action this week, at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. But it seems to me like he may have a problem common to weekend golfers.

You see, Sneds has been hurting but the docs can't find anything wrong.


The pulled rib muscle (or, if you prefer, "intercostal muscle") that kept him off the course for five weeks feels better. But he says he's been to doctors all over the country... and none of them can find a reason for the pain.

You know what I mean. You hurt yourself, so you take some time off from your favorite sport and rest up until it stops hurting. But then you have occasional relapses and you can't figure out why. It's especially rough when the injured part is something you use all the time -- ribs, shoulders, knees, etc.

While he did the right thing by taking an extended break, I can't help but wonder if he was off long enough. Sometimes a pulled muscle can take months to heal completely, to the point that it won't be reinjured easily. And with the Masters coming up, he couldn't afford that!

So if he doesn't reinjure himself, we'll get to see him at least one extra time before the Masters -- he added the Houston Open to his schedule to make up for the time he missed.

I sure hope it isn't too much too soon.

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