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Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Matt Kuchar Makes His Shoulder Turn

I found this Golf Digest video from back in June 2011 showing what Matt Kuchar thinks about to get a good shoulder coil. Here's Peter Morrice to explain it:

I like the explanation of the shoulder turn. Your shoulders turn on a plane perpendicular to your spine -- which means that your shoulder plane is steeper if you bend over more at address, and flatter if you stand taller. I'd rather that you focus on keeping your shoulder plane perpendicular to your spine, as Morrice describes it here, than worrying about whether your swing is upright or flat. Get your shoulder turn correct and a lot of your plane problems will take care of themselves.

But that thing about feeling your weight move to your trailing heel... I'm not so sure about that. It's not that it's wrong, but some of you may find it more troublesome than helpful. Personally, if I try to feel my weight moving to my trailing heel, I end up straightening my trailing knee too much and losing my coil. I do better when I feel that my weight is on the instep of my trailing foot.

Here's what you should take from this: One of the keys to a consistent golf swing is finding out what the correct mechanics feel like when you do them, then just repeating that feel. That way, the mechanics take care of themselves.

So if that explanation about the weight shift to your trailing heel during your backswing helps you, by all means use it... but if it hurts rather than helps, just ignore it. Everybody feels their swing a bit differently.

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