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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Hate Snakes

The squirmy reptilian things, that is. The PGA Tour players hate a different kind of snake.

For them, it's the slithering stretch of holes at Innisbrook's Copperhead Course -- the 16th, 17th & 18th holes, better known as "The Snake Pit." It's a nasty way to end the course... or the Tampa Bay Championship itself, for that matter.

Here's the description of these three finishing holes from
  • 16: par-4, 460 yds ---- No. 16 is Copperhead's most intimidating par 4, with water stretching the entire right side. A well-positioned tee shot sets up a long second shot to a wide green.
  • 17: par-3, 215 yds ---- A long par 3 to a very narrow green, No. 17 has bunkers and trees protecting both sides of the hole, making birdie a good score.
  • 18: par-4, 445 yds ---- The 18th is a beautiful, uphill finishing hole. An accurate tee shot will leave an uphill second shot to an elevated, hidden green. The putting surface slopes back to front and has bunkers short and long.
Those descriptions don't include that the 16th is a narrow dogleg left with lots of trees down the left. Nor do they mention the hollow at the back of the 17th.

Apparently the "tweaks" done to the 17th and 18th greens for last year's tournament have been largely reversed this year, as they made putts move way to much for players to read.

Nevertheless, I don't know that I'd like this snake any better than the live kind!

Your greeting at the start of the Snake Pit

If you're looking for a favorite this week, you might look at Vijay Singh since he apparently has the best aggregate score for all the years he's played the Snake Pit. Geoff Ogilvy has also faired pretty well there, and so has Gary Woodland although he hasn't played it nearly as much. (He won in 2011, though.)

GC lists the pregame show at 2:30pm ET today, with full coverage starting at 3pm.

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