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Friday, March 15, 2013

Stricker on Putting

Golf Digest posted an article back in August 2012 by Steve Stricker with some of his putting tips... but I just found it. So today I'm just giving you a link to it.

Stricker puttingThe article is simply called Steve Stricker Shares His Putting Secrets and it's a very interesting read. Ironically, Stricks doesn't always do things the way most instructors tell you.

For example, most instructors say you should focus more on distance than line when you putt. (I agree, btw.) Stricker, however, says:
I don't worry about speed. I just pick my line and then really concentrate on hitting the ball on that line.
Then again, according to what Stricks says, he doesn't worry a lot about line either:
My stroke is pretty straight-to-straight. I think it's got to come inside the target line a little bit, but I don't worry about that.
But what would you expect from a guy who just seems to know how to putt?

It's nice to see how Stricker approaches putting, but I think the real value of the article is that his approach is so relaxed. Stricks doesn't get too hung up on technique, although he clearly knows what he does and why he does it. Reading the article may help you stop being so hard on yourself as well.

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