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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Swing of Golf's First Lady

First in the Rolex Rankings, that is. Since Stacy Lewis jumped up to #1 with her LPGA victory this past week, I thought it was time to take a quick look at her swing.

This first video was posted less than two months ago.

Stacy uses a one-piece takeaway and her trailing elbow doesn't bend until her hands are waist high. This is a major part of her success, as she says in the second video below.

You'll also notice how quiet her lower body is during her downswing. Her hips do NOT make a big slide toward the target, even though she gets a good weight shift when she hits the ball. Just look at how long her trailing foot stays flat on the ground. There's no way she's sliding toward the target!

This second video is actually a segment from Martin Hall's School of Golf show on GC. Stacy appeared on the show almost a year ago. (I believe it was right after she won the 2012 Mobile Bay LPGA Classic.) Although the clip is over 8 minutes long, Stacy's part is only around 5 minutes. Note how she focuses on the one-piece takeaway and that quiet lower body.

You need to realize that although Stacy is only 5'5" tall, she's averaging well over 260 yards off the tee this year, as well as hitting 75% of her fairways and 80% of her greens. I know I keep going on and on about simple things like one-piece takeaways and quiet lower bodies, but these are the things that take players -- even pros -- to the top of their games.

And right now, it's harder to get much higher than Stacy Lewis. Don't you think you should listen to what she says?

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