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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tiger and Arnie Rumble!

I had intended to talk about the Tavistock Cup today... then this turned up and it's just too cool not to post it.

The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 video game got released Tuesday, and EA Sports released this promo video featuring Tiger and Arnold Palmer as they get in a little kungfu action between rounds:

This is definitely one of the best promos EAS has ever done. (I hope you noticed that the video game players near the end of the promo are all in casts and neck braces. It's a tough game!)

I admit I haven't played a TWPGA video game in several years, but a little poking around on the Web turned up a few interesting additions since I last played. There's an LPGA career mode, which allows you to play an entire LPGA career from amateur status and Q-School through Symetra Tour to the big stage. The PGA career mode now requires you to qualify for the Tour through the Tour. And if you want to blow the extra bucks for the Historic Edition of the game, you get (among other courses) the 1934 version of Augusta National -- just perfect for teeing it up against legends like Bobby Jones.

If you care about all that stuff, EAS's official site for the game is right here. As for me, I just enjoy seeing Arnie kick some ass off the course.

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