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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Chipping Tip from Natalie Gulbis

If you saw Playing Lessons with the Pros Tuesday night, you know that Holly Sonders was picking the brain of Natalie Gulbis. She also mentioned that there was a video of a "chipping contest" between her and Natalie at

Well, it's more than just a contest. Natalie teaches you how to hit a fairly tricky chip over a bunker from a sidehill lie to a green that slopes away from you. Not mentioned (but clearly visible) is that this is from a tight lie.

Ok, here's a quick summation of Nat's tips:
  • Ball forward in stance
  • Club face really open, like a bunker shot
  • Fly the shot right into the upslope (before the green slopes away)
Obviously you won't always have a hump in the green to hit the ball into. But in this video Nats hits it into the slope while Holly carries it over the slope to the downhill part... and both get the ball to stop.

Not a bad little shot to add to your repertoire.

On the outside chance that the video above won't work, here's the link to the original at





  4. Thanks for the links, Phil. I particularly like Martin's recommendation in the last one that you should use the least-lofted club that will do the job. Most people don't realize that it's easier to make a solid chip when the club face is "straighter." It's less likely to go under the ball that way.