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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another New LPGA Event

This week the LPGA debuts another of their new tournament stops. This one is in Irving TX, and it's called the North Texas LPGA Shootout. In addition to the tournament home page link, you can also check out Tony Jesselli's preview. Isn't this a cool logo?

New tournament logo

The North Texas LPGA Shootout is the first LPGA tourney in Texas in more than 20 years. This is probably music to the ears of Angela Stanford, who's from Texas and has a swing well-suited to the typically windy conditions there. (Stacy Lewis, who's also getting a lot of attention, is an adopted Texan. She was actually born in Ohio and currently lives in Florida, but she did live in Texas for a while and went to college in Arkansas, just north of Texas but with similar winds.)

For those of you who have never been to Texas, it's notoriously flat. I went down there on a mission trip when I was just out of high school and -- as the old joke goes -- How flat was it? It was so flat that everybody on the bus stood up and applauded when we saw any sort of mound. The only thing is... it wasn't a joke. We really did stand up and applaud. It really is that flat in most of Texas, and that's why the wind is such a factor.

According to the blurb on the page at where I found the logo:
With a $1.3 million purse, the North Texas LPGA Shootout will feature a full-field of 144 players contending over four days of 72-hole stroke play competition. The “shootout” format of the tournament will consist of two cuts; the first will be made after the second round to the top-70 and ties, and the second cut will be made to the top-50 and ties after the third round on Saturday.
I know the men have done two cuts on occasion, but it usually isn't planned that way from the start. (The old International tournament used multiple cuts, but it used Stableford scoring as well.) This should make the tournament a bit more "cutthroat" if you know what I mean.

A quick check over at showed probable winds in the 10-15mph range. Hold on to yer hats, pardners -- looks like them girls are gonna have their hands full! Welcome back to the Lone Star State, ladies!


  1. I'm not sure I am a fan of the 2 cut tournaments. I am not sure how the PGA handles it, but the LPGA does not count it as a missed cut if you make the first cut and miss the second.

  2. Tony, my understanding is that only the first cut counts against "making it." The second cut is used when too many players make the first cut -- say, 89 players make a "70 and ties" cut.

    Suppose they decide to cut to 50 players for Sunday. When the second cut is made to "thin out the herd," I think the 39 players who get cut Saturday afternoon share the moneys that would have gone to #51-70. (I don't know exactly how it gets divided, though.)