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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Can Anyone Catch Inbee?

I'm on the library's waiting list for Cold Days, the latest of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files novels. (If you saw any of the Syfy series Dresden Files and if you've read any of the novels, you probably understand why the series only lasted one season. Harry Dresden is both a private detective and a wizard, and the TV series came nowhere close to the total coolness of the books.) As it is, I'm having to make do with the latest military sci-fi novel from David Weber.

Weber's latest novel Why am I telling you this? Because I was reading a lot Saturday and I suspect I'll be reading a lot today. While Inbee Park and Lizette Salas had a pretty good third-round battle -- and will likely have another good one today -- I'm not sure there's much doubt who's going to win the Kraft Nabisco this year.

Inbee is 3 strokes ahead of Lizette, who is in turn 3 strokes ahead of the next group of players. Granted, that group includes Suzann Petterson, Angela Stanford, Karine Icher, and Karrie Webb. They could make a run. They could.

But I don't expect it. The best score of the week is -6, shot by Stanford on Saturday, and I just don't expect both Park and Salas to stumble today... and to be honest, I don't expect Park to stumble by herself. I guess she could get up with a crick in her neck or a pulled muscle, but I just don't expect it. And if Park doesn't stumble, Salas is the only player with a realistic chance to catch her. I don't expect any real suspense about the outcome.

I do expect to be reading David Weber though. I'll have one TV on the LPGA and one on the PGA, but mostly I'll be checking up on the Star Empire of Manticore's budding war against the Solarian League. I'm pretty sure Manticore will eventually win...

Just like Inbee Park.


  1. Mike, Inbee's been a bit snakebit in the past--6 silvers in Japan in 2010, 6 silvers last year. She has very few wins for a player of her talents. But I agree this is most likely her week.

    BTW, have you read any of Steven Brust's Vlad Taltos series? Highly recommended!

  2. I haven't read any of Steven Brust yet, Bruce. Right now, other than the series I'm keeping up with (Butcher's up around 14 books so far -- including short story collections -- and Weber's up around 23), I'm working through some old pulp stuff like Andre Norton's Time Traders series and I'm ready to start a collection of Raymond Chandler's pulp stories. I'm also working on a rather thick murder mystery set in 1543 by C.J. Sansom called Revelation. There's just too much good stuff out there!

    If you haven't tried the Dresden Files series, I'd recommend them. Butcher has managed to blend reasonably good Christian theology, a full-blown world of Fae, vampires, witches, skinwalkers, 4 different kinds of werewolves, and techno-monsters (among other things) with standard cops and gangsters... and somehow it all works. Heck, Dresden was DEAD for an entire book narrated in first person! It's amazing to me.

    BTW, which book is the first Vlad Taltos title?