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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guan Made the Cut. Do You?

This will be a short post because I just want you to think about something.

Guan Tianlang made the cut at the Zurich Classic, becoming the 2nd youngest man to make the cut at a PGA tournament. (He became the youngest at the Masters, of course.)

Guan with driver

Guan's average driving distance for six PGA Tour rounds is just over 262 yards. (That's 186th on Tour, according to the stats page.) The fairways at TPC Louisiana are wet, so the announcers say he's only averaging somewhere between 260 and 260. And did I mention that the course is over 7300 yards long?

He's not even particularly accurate. Although the stats have him 6th in the field hitting fairways (71.43%), he's 185th in Total Driving and 186th in GIR (a mere 40.28%). According to his stats he's not a birdie machine either, so it's not like his short game has him chipping in from everywhere.

And yet this 14-year-old, who has to hit hybrids into most of the greens, has played this 7300-yard monster in 3-under. That's rounds of 72-69 (par and 3-under). And he's not griping about how hard the course is. He says he likes the course and he's having fun.

Here's what I want you to think about: Next time you start telling yourself how you're just not long enough or accurate enough to play a decent round of golf, think about Guan. Your ability to think your way around the course is far more important than you think.

It looks like the old saying is right. A mind truly is a terrible thing to waste. Especially on the golf course.

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