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Friday, April 12, 2013

How the Bubba Shot Works

I've been waiting for this to come out, and it was finally posted on ESPN's site Thursday.

I suppose you've seen some of ESPN's Sports Science shorts. They look at all kinds of sports accomplishments and analyze them to see exactly how they were done.

Well, they got Bubba to help them analyze his wedge shot at the 2012 Masters. Here are four screen shots from the video:

The coolest thing I think they discovered is how he created the spin. You know how everybody says you can't create sidespin with a modern ball? Well, according to John Brenkus and his team, Bubba actually did it with backspin. Yes, you read that right... BACKSPIN.

And that final capture above definitely shows Bubba using the new ball flight laws. Bubba gets a hook by aiming the club face between his swing path and his target line. This way, the ball lands to the left of his target line and then spins toward the target, rather than landing in front of the target and spinning past it.

Anyway, it's definitely worth watching. Here's the high-quality link at You might even learn something!

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