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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Horschel Smacks It

I found this cool footage of Billy Horschel from the Valero Texas Open a couple of weeks ago and, since he won this past weekend, it seemed like a good time to take a look.

While there are many good things Billy does when he swings, this video focuses on his leg action. Leg action is obviously important because your lower body is your connection to the ground and it's where your swing starts from. (To put it another way, without the friction between your feet and the ground it's impossible to make all the other movements in the swing without your body just spinning uselessly in space. Just think about how hard it is to swing in wet weather, with your feet slipping when you try to turn.)

If you place your mouse pointer over his trailing knee and watch until the top of the backswing (that's when they zoom in for a closer look) you'll see that his knee stays firmly in place.

And after they zoom back out, you'll see that his trailing knee continues to stay in roughly that same position until his lead arm is nearly parallel with the ground on the downswing.

Simply put, Billy Horschel is staying very steady over the ball throughout his swing. That not only encourages solid ball contact, it also helps him maintain his intended swing plane during that time.

That's the kind of consistency that helps you chalk up three Top10s and a win in just four weeks.

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