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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Major Season Is HERE!

Once again the ladies get the jump on the men. The Kraft Nabisco Championship, the first of the LPGA's five majors this year (remember, the Evian becomes a major this year), beats the Masters by one week.

You may also remember that this event provided the year's most heart-breaking moment in golf -- I.K. Kim's missed putt of perhaps 18 inches on the final hole that cost her the first major of her career. She then lost on the first playoff hole to Sun Young Yoo.

Obviously Kim has been asked about that putt until she's tired of it, yet she continues to answer all the questions without getting angry. In fact, Whit Watson interviewed her on Golf Central last night, and you can see that interview here. I don't know if I'd do as well.

There's going to be a lot of attention paid to Lydia Ko, who could become the youngest-ever winner of a major, as well as Yani Tseng and Paula Creamer, both of whom are trying to get their games back on track with a win of any kind. And, of course, Stacy Lewis is the favorite this week, as well she should be.

After all, Stacy's already won twice this season.

As usual, Tony Jesselli has done his usual top-notch preview of the event, and you can read that post at this link. One thing I'll add is that, although Tony and the LPGA site both list the first broadcast time on Thursday as noon ET, GC said they would start at 11am ET. I'm guessing they plan to air a pregame show, so you might want to check in an hour early just in case.

And as usual you can catch the KNC live leaderboard at this link.

Now you're ready for the year's first major -- starting TOMORROW!

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